The Health Benefits Of Hemp

The health benefits of hemp

There are many reasons to love hemp. It is exceptionally nutritious; rich in healthy fats, protein, fibre, magnesium, and various other minerals, it boasts a great profile of environmental benefits, and it can be grown right here in our nourishing Australian soil!

Hemp’s range of nutritional and environmental benefits have been enjoyed for centuries! The first traces of hemp date back to as early as 8000 BCE in Ancient China. So it's unlikely we will see it go anywhere.

As an accredited and practicing Dietitian myself, I am confident that the more people continue to learn and understand the incredible nutritional balance and benefits of this super seed, our love for hemp and its products will only grow! 

With that being said, here are my top 7 health benefits of Hemp Seeds (backed by science, of course!).

  1. May reduce your risk of heart disease.
    Hemp Seeds contain over 30% healthy fats. They are exceptionally rich in two essential fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6, which have been shown to improve blood cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, and overall heart health. Hemp Seeds are also high in arginine, an amino acid that turns into nitric acid in the body and is essential for good heart health.

  2. May aid in digestion.
    Hemp Seeds are packed full of fibre, which is important in keeping our gut health in check. The fibre in Hemp Seeds is mostly insoluble fibre, which has been shown to promote bowel regularity. Just be sure to drink enough water! A diet high in fibre when not supported with adequate water can result in some not so fun symptoms (constipation, gas, and bloating).

  3. Great plant-based protein.
    Unlike most plant-based protein sources, Hemp Seeds contain all 9 essential amino acids, making them a complete protein. Amino acids are the building blocks for all proteins. The body cannot produce these naturally, meaning that we have to consume them through our diet. Three tablespoons of Hemp Seeds provide over 10g of protein, which is equivalent to 1 glass of cow's milk!

  4. May reduce PMS.
    Hemp is high in an essential fatty acid known as eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), which has been linked to a reduction in premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms in women. A specific fatty acid in Hemp Seeds known as Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA) has also been shown to reduce prolactin, which is a hormone that increases a woman’s sensitivity during their periods.

  5. May help you sleep.
    Hemp Seeds are an exceptional source of magnesium, which can improve sleep quality and duration. Magnesium is also involved in multiple systems in the body, and a diet high in magnesium has been linked to optimal nervous system regulation, heart health, and sports performance.

  6. May improve skin health. 
    The powerful omega-3 concentration in Hemp Seeds and Oil makes it a brilliant product for reducing inflammation in the skin when ingested. Plus, Hemp Seeds are also high in Vitamin A and E, which have shown to dramatically decrease dryness and dermatitis when used topically. 

  7. May reduce inflammation.
    Current research suggests that regularly consuming foods high in omega-3 fatty acids such as Hemp Seeds or Oil may decrease inflammation in the body. Most commonly, when we experience too much inflammation from foods or external factors, diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, and asthma can start to flare and cause us grief. Consuming hemp products regularly may assist in reducing this inflammation. 

As you can see, the benefits of hemp are clearly wide-reaching! 

So, if you are looking to achieve better health and wellbeing, it may be time to include hemp in your diet.

This blog has been written by Dietitian, Alice Bleathman from Gut Started