Sustainable Christmas Ideas; Tips For A Conscious Celebration

Sustainable Christmas Ideas; Tips For A Conscious Celebration

We’ve been dreaming of a green Christmas this year. 

It’s a magical time, isn’t it? A time for giving, sharing and connecting with our loved ones. But amidst all the festivities – let’s not forget how to nurture and connect with the Australian environment. There’s no better time to show gratitude to our land, soil and fresh air. So here are some creative, fun and sustainable Christmas ideas for a conscious celebration.

Sustainable Christmas Decorations

Light It Up
Nothing spreads Christmas cheer quite like a string of dazzling lights. Although, it’s usually followed by a hefty energy bill. By switching to LED lights you can use up to 80% less energy. Plus, you can find a whole range of warm, festive colours.

Get Gardening 
There’s a cleaner, greener way to put your tree up this year. Instead of getting a plastic tree or chopping one down – a potted tree will stand the test of time. You can even choose a native species to acknowledge our Australian roots. And the best part, you can plant it in your garden after the silly season and watch it flourish until next year.  

DIY Decorations
Turn up the Christmas carols and tune in to your imagination. There are so many opportunities to DIY this Christmas… Create your own bon-bons with toilet paper rolls, material, string and eco-prizes. Construct a Christmas wreath using twigs, leaves and string. Design your own snowflakes using recycled paper. The kids will love you for it. 

Eco-Friendly Christmas Dinner

Don’t Over Cater
Sharing a meal is one of the greatest joys of Christmas. And with a little pre-planning, you can make sure everyone is satisfied (without going overboard).  Count your guests, make your shopping list and check it twice. And if there are a few leftovers, divide them amongst your friends and family.

Go Veggie
A Christmas dinner is often centered around a glazed turkey or ham. But did you know that eating a vegetarian diet creates significantly less carbon emissions than a meat-based diet? Okay, maybe a decadent Christmas ham is a non-negotiable for you. But you can try adding more colourful, green veggies to your table this year instead of excess meat. 

Sustainable Christmas Gifts

Handmade Gifts
A handcrafted gift carries a special meaning with it, don’t you think? A store-bought item can hardly compete with the warm and fuzzy feeling you get from something handmade. So, bake, sew or build your way to Christmas day this year. It’s kind to the planet, too. 

Shop Local
When you buy gifts from overseas, you’re also buying into a whole lot of greenhouse gases. It’s better for the planet (and your community) to support local artists, creators and traders. Plus, you’re helping a small business owner smile. 

Give The Gift Of Connection
As the world embraces a greener way of living, there’s no better time to start creating your own ‘green’ Christmas traditions. Go for a morning bush walk, enjoy a picnic in nature or head to the beach. Show your loved ones that Christmas is not just for overindulging. It’s about connecting with each other and the Australian environment. 

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