- New Plant-Based Mylk -

Naturally Nourishing Naturally Nourishing Our new nutrient dense mylks are natural powerhouses high in omegas 3 & 6 and magnesium. With no added vegetable oil or refined sugar, these mylks contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.
Barista Approved Barista Approved No matter how heated your morning mug might get, when our Hemp & Oats are blended together, they’ll never split. They’re great Australian friends after all. After having tested and trialled our mylk with some of the best baristas and smoothie makers around the country, we're so excited to be able to share the first ever Hemp & Oat Mylk in Australia.
Environmentally Friendly Environmentally Friendly Unlike many crops, both Oats and Hemp are considered to be regenerative, which means they leave the soil in better condition than before. Just another reason why Oats are the perfect companion to our Hemp in our delicious mylk.


Hemp & Oat Mylk

Creamy Barista Blend Hemp & Oat MylkCreamy Barista Blend Hemp & Oat Mylk
Delicious Chocolate Hemp & Oat MylkDelicious Chocolate Hemp & Oat Mylk

- elevate the everyday -

Hemp has a way of making the ordinary, extraordinary. By simply adding hemp to everyday dishes such as hummus, pesto, smoothies and salads, you are enhancing your intake of essential amino acids, fibre, protein, magnesium and zinc. Check out our recipe section to see how you can elevate the everyday.


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- Hemp for the planet -

Hemp is healthiest when sown and grown under the Australian sun. From Ballarat to Byron, Australian soil offers the perfect terrain for this little seed to not only flourish, but to nourish the ground it grows in. Unlike many other crops, its deep roots replenish the earth instead of stripping it of vital nutrients.

Remarkably, in as little as twelve weeks an entire harvest can come to fruition, meaning hemp requires less water than many other crops out there, how's that for taking care of the planet!