Calming the body & mind; our favourite winding down techniques.

As 2021 gets into the groove of things and our day to day needs and wants become more prevalent, it’s always important to look within and find ways to calm the mind and body in whatever way works best for you. The truth is, there’s no one-stop-shop to de-stressing, that’s why we asked our amazing community to share what works best for them in the times they need it most. 

Spending time in nature.

As humans, we are wired to find nature's elements calming as we are often engrossed by the natural scenes and take this time to reflect. According to a study conducted by 19,000 people in 2019, it’s been proven that as little as 2 hours a week in nature can benefit your mental state naturally and help soothe the mind. 


Some people love it, some people hate it! When we run, our body releases natural endorphins that exude with every stride. These endorphins help create a euphoric state which is often referred to as “the runners high”. This also helps prevent the transfer of pain signals to help encourage nothing but positive thoughts! 


When life gets a little stressful your body will often tense up and a great way to release this tension is through yoga. Often referred to as ‘one of the most relaxing forms of exercise’, yoga is an ancient form of meditation and relaxation. Being aware of your body's movements combined with conscious breathing, Yoga has proven to reduce anxiety and stress by consciously connecting you with your body and no matter what your physical situation is, there will always be a form that will suit you best. So next time you’re feeling a little overwhelmed - find a peaceful place and try out some simple yoga. 

Time with animals.

There’s nothing better than having someone on one time with your furry friends, but why is that? When we’re hanging out with our pets and giving them a cuddle it helps produce a hormone called oxytocin,  often referred to as the “cuddle chemical.” This chemical helps us relax and destress organically, which explains why we love spending time with our furry friends so much.