Simple Ways to Create and Maintain Your Version of Balance

Simple Ways to Create and Maintain Your Version of Balance

 When we think of a balanced lifestyle, many of us think of having all of our ducks in a row, spending time on the things we enjoy and feeling more at ease. Although, the thought of living this way can often seem out of reach.

Now that we’re transitioning back into a new ‘normal’ many of us are feeling overwhelmed. We’re living on autopilot, slipping back into old habits and overcommitting to the point that our days feel like they’re just rolling into one another without any time to catch our breath. This state of living is the opposite of a balanced lifestyle and leads us down the path to burning out. 

While many of us are aware of what we’re doing and what needs to change, actually making changes can be hard.

Here are some simple steps you can follow to come back to living in a way that feels balanced to you.


Balance as a 'tilt'.

Think of balance as a ‘tilt’ rather than a balanced set of old scales where it’s ‘perfect’. This will help you to see that some days certain things will demand more of your time and energy and that tilt will be a constant see-saw. 

Identify top 5 priorities.

List your top five priorities and then do a basic pie chart of what you spend your time and energy on each week. This will make what you need to do more and less of very clear.

Create routines around priorities.

Create routines based on your priorities and be as consistent as you can with them. Something is better than nothing so start small and build up over time. A routine may be as simple as taking time off social media on weekends so you can be present with those around you or going to bed before 10pm so you wake up feeling more refreshed.

Set clear boundaries.

Set clear boundaries based on your priorities and routines so you know exactly what you need to do and when. Try to communicate these with those around you so they respect them too.

Don't forget to have some you-time. 

Leave some white space in your week where you decide what you feel like doing (or not doing!) when the time comes around. This serves as an opportunity to be mindful and to let go of all of your ‘have-to's’ and ‘should's’.


Each conscious choice will create a positive ripple throughout your days. When you’re in balance, things will flow and you’ll feel more like yourself. Notice when you feel this way and celebrate your wins along the way!

Writer: Bridget Murphy

Bridget is a certified Holistic Health Coach, Meditation Teacher and lover of the small things in life.