Self Love and Healthy Habits with Bree Lenehan

We sat down with the lovely Bree Lenehan and chatted all things self love and the importance of transparency on social media.

What’s the most valuable part of your morning routine?

The most valuable part of my morning routine would be consciously and intentionally doing small things that bring me joy and set me up for a positive day… Some things I do in the morning are: a morning dance jam (put on a happy song and dance like nobody’s watching) - when you dance in the morning, it changes the mood and attitude we take with us when we walk out into the day. Another habit I have is some form of morning movement, whether it’s a gym session or a walk outdoors. Getting my body moving and releasing those endorphins always sets me up for a more productive, feel-good day!

If you could say one thing to your younger self what would you say?

 Oooh, this is tricky. Probably something like: “You don’t like everyone, so why should you expect everyone to like you?! Just focus on what makes YOU happy” because growing up, I experienced my fair share of being bullied and I found it really hard to make friends, which only made the negative thoughts I had towards myself even louder. Because of that, I spent so many years trying to please others, trying to fit in, trying to get everyone to like me, trying to change myself (personality AND appearance) which caused me to settle in life, and with friendships and relationships. Once I learned how much more important it was to accept me for ME, my world changed & I could finally start focusing on what makes me me… and what I can truly offer the world.

We absolutely love your messaging around having a healthy and balanced lifestyle, What do you think was the moment that you decided to share your journey online?

Growing up, we learn about so many diet fads and are pressured into doing exercise or eating low carb etc just to fit into a beauty ideal that isn’t realistic or healthy. So it wasn’t until 2019/2020 that I started learning all about nutrition, the human body, what healthy ACTUALLY is, how to accept my body - flaws and all… And because of what I learned, I was able to set myself up with sustainable, realistic lifestyle changes that DIDN’T feel like punishment, it actually felt so achievable and honestly just fantastic! I felt compelled to share my journey online to inspire and encourage others to prioritise their health AND happiness, and how to accept themselves and their bodies as they are, because there’s sooooo much more to life and being healthy than what’s been drilled into us from such a young age.


What’s something that you’re super proud of since starting in this space?

I’m so proud of the community I’m surrounded by now. I’m so proud that I’ve found my tribe of strong men and women who WANT to better themselves and enjoy life wholeheartedly, without diet culture or negative self-talk controlling them, and fortunately I can be part of their journeys towards that free, healthy, happy life too which is so special to me. I'm also really proud that I'm being 100% authentic to myself, I showcase my quirks, I am very vulnerable and open, and I now realise that there are people out there who will accept and embrace that about me, which is something younger Bree would've never believed.


What is your number one tip when it comes to creating a healthy and sustainable lifestyle?

The key (for me) is having a sustainable, flexible, balanced approach! I’ve created a very sustainable lifestyle with maintaining a consistent, enjoyable workout routine and a flexible approach to food, because life is going to have bumps in the road, or situations where we can’t workout or where we eat differently to usual which is perfectly fine! So long as I make choices that are good for my body, BUT ALSO good for the soul, then I’m happy! No guilt here! Balance is key.


What is your ultimate self-care exercise?

Dating myself!! I’ve been in a relationship for almost 7 years now, and he’s sunshine in human form - hands down the bet person I’ve ever known! But it’s so so important to me to feel independent still, to enjoy my solitude and find comfort in my own company. I LOVE organising solo dates once a week, where I take myself to a coffee shop and order whatever I want from the menu. Or maybe I’ll read a book by the lake, or take myself to a theme park! It’s helped me challenge my confidence, feel at peace on my own and find happiness with who I am.