Talking about Mindfulness and Manifestation with Allira Potter


Allira Potter is an Empowerment, Mindset & Spiritual Coach. We have absolutely loved everything she's been doing both on and offline, so we decided to have a chat about mindfulness and wellness means to her.

What does mindfulness mean to you?

Mindfulness can mean so much to me especially on a day-to-day basis.

For example, when I wake up in the morning one way of me being mindful is waking up and going to the gym – I am present, focused and only being mindful of what is happening in front of me, with no distractions.

It can also mean me checking in to all my senses to allow myself to become fully grounded and present.

If I have a huge day ahead, I know that me being mindful through the day has to be at the top of my priority list and that can look like making sure I am getting out in in the backyard for a moment to connect, stopping and eating food and actually tasting the food rather than actually scoffing it down as I work and the same goes with my coffee, being present and sipping the coffee and asking myself how does it taste and what things around me can I feel/see.

I never like to think about mindfulness because intuitively it can be whatever keeps you present.  


We are absolutely loving everything you're doing surrounding women's empowerment and would love to hear a little more about your journey.

The journey of empowerment has been a big one and I think it’s always changing as I am evolving as a woman.

Currently, my journey has me on this path of empowering women to really show up in their life whether that is on a spiritual, career or personal level.

Empowerment is something that is learnt and I always say to the women I work with surround yourself with the right humans because that’s when you will start to align yourself better and also align yourself to be the most empowered version of yourself.


I love how you are so mindful of your followers and you always listen to what they have to say. Do you have anything that you do in your day to day life that has helped you be more mindful to others?

My community on social media is amazing and I am such a conscious being about what I post as I always think I would never want my future daughter to be “influenced” the wrong message.

Everyday life I am so conscious and mindful when it comes to others as I know I am in a really unique position having my own business so I try and be inclusive to my friends and ensure that no matter their role in life I am mindful and inclusive.


If someone was to ask you why they should be more mindful and concentrate on their mental and spiritual wellness what would you say?

I would say “well you only get one life and I know that is so cliché, but do we really want to spend our existence not living? So don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and into this amazing space of spirituality and overall wellbeing.. it’s a game-changer” 


What are your top 5 ways of dealing with stress? 

5 ways I am dealing with stress; 

  • Intuitively eating the foods that align with me and not worrying about if its junk food or what not.
  • I train every morning and If I don’t I feel so yucky
  • Meditation 
  • Downtime with my puppy cosmo and cat harry 
  • The odd Red never hurt anyone on a Sunday night ;) 

A lot of people are new to the idea of manifestation, what are some tips you could give someone who is looking into trying it out?

Have the best intention of bringing in and manifesting what you want.

Don’t overthink your ability you can manifest anything.

Write down the goodness you want to bring in and then forget about it ;) it will come when it’s supposed to.


What’s your ultimate self-care exercise? 

Self- care for me is all the things that spark joy and make me feel super balanced.

Going to the gym is my ultimate form of self-care because it keeps me balanced when it comes to my mental wellbeing. 

I often have a bath a few times a week because that is me making sure I am switching off from my phone to nourish and relax the body.

But my favourite ultimate form of self-care is as simple as me having downtime with my puppy in bed watching Netflix….HEAVEN!!