How to start your meditation and yoga journey with Karalee

We sat down with the amazing Karalee and spoke about the importance of meditation, mindfulness and some simple ways to incorporate meditation strategies in your day to day life.


What is something that you love about yoga and meditation?


I love Yoga and Meditation because it is for everyone! They are tools which are flexible (excuse the pun) and can be used at different times and in different ways for all people. Yoga and Meditation, for me, can be a remedy for anything from muscle tension, bad moods and insomnia or a tool to receive higher learning and reconnect to my own personal truth. There really is no limit for what these ancient techniques can bring forth for any student.  


What are some of your daily mantras and why are they so important to you?


My favourite Mantra is - “You are Perfect!” When I say this to myself or my students It is a recognition that our bodies are exactly as the universe intended them to be, that all of your experiences have been and will be full of grace and wisdom and that your own unique existence exactly as it is unfolding is perfect!

I also love the mantra “Om Mani Padme Hum” or “May the jewel of my lotus be revealed to me” . It's like a call to the universe to bring me into my purpose and allow me to be open to my full potential.


What are some tips you would give someone who is looking into the mindfulness and wellness space?


I would definitely say to follow your gut instinct - if it doesn't feel right don’t do it. You will know what suits you when you find it so do not be worried. There are so many different methods for wellness and mindfulness so there is 100% one that fits you perfectly. And when you do find it - stick with it, even when it's challenging, remember that the discipline is a big part of the practice you are working on changing habits and creating new pathways which takes time and focus. 


What are some of your favourite grounding techniques?


I always say the best method is to take your shoes off and stand on the earth and ground down through your feet. Allowing the sensations to remind you of how connected you are to the Earth and everything around you. If you are lying down just be conscious of the parts of your body that are in contact with the ground beneath you and really take the time to observe the sensations you feel in those areas. Simply being aware of gravity is another on you can practice anywhere, anytime. Just feeling into the heaviness of your body and how you are being held here for a reason!


What are your top ways to deal with stress?


Breath awareness is always a life saver in stressful moments. Just simply experiencing the inward and outward flow of breath in your body helps to switch on the parasympathetic nervous system or the rest and digest phase. When that's switched on we can respond to what's happening around us with clarity and calm.

Yin Yoga is another method I love as it really focuses on releasing the stress from the body. Accumulated stress can build up over time and be stored in the fascia and the long holds in deep stretches aids in letting go of the stress from the memory of the body.

Meditation cures everything! Honestly it does! It allows us time and space to see the situation for what it is, to acknowledge that it is a moment in time and that it does not need to be locked within us physically, mentally or emotionally. When we meditate we can see things from all perspectives and choose peace over stress! The more we practice the easier this becomes! 


We love seeing your more creative side on your social media - what are some creative activities you’ve been loving recently and why?


I have loved chucking on my old worn down overalls and pulling out the paint box and just painting the day away! It's like a meditation for me. There's no need to have a plan - you just begin and see where the process takes you! Its all about feeling your way through the process, what brush strokes resonate with you in the moment, what colours you are drawn to, it all changes, all the time so you are really called to be in the present moment just allowing everything to flow!


What’s your ultimate self-care exercise? 


My morning routine is always about self care! I wake up early (normally around 5am) and start my day with an Abhyanga massage. This is a traditional Yogic method to stimulate the circulation and get the energy flowing! You begin with dry body brushing and then massage the body all over with warm oil. After that I usually meditate, practice Yoga or read for a while if I have time, before washing off in the shower and beginning my day from there. I always feel yummy afterwards and it is such a beautiful moment spent with myself before the sun comes up and the day kicks into action.