Back To School Lunchbox Inspiration

This blog was written by nutritionist, Jemma Newman.

Keeping your child's lunches nutritious and exciting can be a difficult task.
Having the time to prep and pack them is even harder at times.

We have some handy tips and tricks to help you!

  • Make sure there is a variety of food groups – think colours of the rainbow!
  • Make simple swaps like white bread for whole grain bread, this will ensure they are getting that extra fibre and nutrients for all that energy they need for running around with friends at school!
  • The canteen is always a kid's favourite but keeping this as a treat or ensuring you limit your child’s intake of processed meats and other discretionary foods is key.  
  • Include healthy snacks but get creative with them to make them fun. Don’t be afraid to use things like cookie cutters and brightly coloured fruit and veggies.
  • Organise to do ‘Meal Prep Sundays’ (it’s a thing we promise!). Get the kids involved with helping make their meals.
  • Add some weekday treats using Mt. Elephant's Wholefood Baking Mix range. They are super easy to make, delicious and nutrient dense, ideal for lunchboxes.

 Stuck for ideas? Not feeling very creative today? Don’t worry, we have you covered!
  • Veggie wraps - you can never go wrong with this one. Using a wholegrain wrap, spread some hummus, add sliced cucumber, carrot and capsicum and roll into bite size pieces. You can add a lean protein source such as shredded chicken, turkey or marinated tofu if you like.

  • Yoghurt parfait - using a layer of Greek yoghurt add some oats, a bit of honey, mixed berries and leave overnight.

  • Mini vegetable quiches - a crowd favourite in our household growing up and so simple. Mix some chopped veggies (capsicum, zucchini, mushrooms), cheese and eggs together and dish out into muffin trays, pop in the oven and away you go.

  • A sweet treat - for nut free schools give our Mt. Elephant Banana Oat Cookies or Wholefood Brownies a go. With only minutes of prep time, they provide home cooked goodness without all the stress or refined sugar.
Remember, don’t be disappointed if your kids don’t eat everything you make.
Try new and different ideas and don’t forget to get them involved in the process!