5 Ways to Become More Sustainably Conscious This Year

5 ways to become more sustainably conscious this year.

Taking care of our environment has become a growing concern. We know we need to do it, but sometimes get stuck thinking the problem is too great. The truth is, there are powerful things we can do every day, that can help. Often things that are better for our health, are intertwined with the health of the planet. Consider the below for better health and wellbeing, more conscious living, and to elevate the everyday.

Utilise food scraps.
When food scraps are left for landfill, methane emissions are produced. Composting reduces these emissions, simultaneously enriching the soil and lessening the need for chemical fertilisers. Simply dispose of your food scraps in an airtight container when preparing meals. Every couple of days take it into the garden to add to your compost bin. Another way you can nourish your garden, is by watering your plants with cooled boiled water from the kitchen!

Eat more plants.
The ripple effect of plant-based eating is far greater than your own health. Vegans produce 50% less carbon dioxide and use 1/13th of the water, compared to meat-eaters! (peta.org). Considering how frequently we eat, replacing animal products with plants is an impactful way to improve your environmental footprint. Specific foods are more sustainable than others. Hemp is particularly environmentally-friendly as it grows abundantly, requiring little resources and returning nutrients to the soil. Virtually every part of the hemp plant can be utilised! It is also exceptionally good for us, with nutrients to support cardiovascular, immune and brain health. 

Walking more.
It’s simple, walk more, drive less. Whilst public transport is also a sustainable option, the best thing we can do to reduce traffic pollution is walk to our destination where possible! Start with small trips i.e. light shopping, a meal, the dog park... and watch how it adds up to less time in the car. It will also help with...

Support local.
Keep small businesses in your area afloat by frequenting there. This might encourage you to walk more, but moreover it means reduced travel for goods, as they are produced closer by. It also supports employment in your area, meaning people don’t have to travel further for work. The knock-on effect is endless!

Minimise single-use plastic.
Avoiding plastic will limit your exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals, whilst minimising your contribution to pollution. Reusable bags, coffee cups, food storage containers and water bottles are easy switches and are purchases you will use again and again. 

Writer: Sami Bloom
Sami is a
 Sydney-based Clinical Nutritionist, Holistic Coach and Yoga Instructor.