A Shipping Update

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions and with lockdown in place across Victoria & NSW, our delivery partners are experiencing minor delays, which may mean your parcel arrives a few days later than expected.

So, when should I receive my order?
At the moment we're seeing parcels being delivered 5-10 days after the expected delivery date. The timings have not changed for our warehouse team, we will continue to prepare and send out your order within 24-48 hours of receiving it.

Will this impact Christmas orders?
Yes, due to the current delays we suggest placing your order before the 15th of November in order to receive your order before Christmas. 

Can I track my order in the meantime?
Yes definitely, simply log into your customer portal to get the tracking code which you can use with the registered delivery partner.

We understand this is incredibly frustrating especially now when we have all the time in the world to bake or make delicious meals. We appreciate your patience during this crazy time.

Stay safe,
Mt. Elephant