Tomato, Cherry and Nectarine Salad

The perfect salad to add that wow factor to your Summer brunch. 


1 punnet of cherry tomatoes

1 ripened peach or nectarine 

1 punnet of cherries 

A bunch of Basil

100ml Mt. Elephant Hemp Seed & Olive Oil Blend

50ml Balsamic Glaze 

Hemp Seeds to garnish

Parsley to Garnish

1 Burrata 


1. Slice tomatoes in half and pip the cherries by slicing them around the middle and removing the pip carefully.

2. Chop your peach or nectarine in half and then quarter the halves. Be careful of removing the pip as it can sometimes be stubborn to remove.

3. Place cherries, tomatoes and peach into a bowl and mix with Mt. Elephant Hemp & Olive Oil Blend and Balsamic Glaze.

4. Once dressed, pick off some fresh basil leaves and parsley. Then place burrata ontop and finish with a sprinkle of hemp seeds!