Letting go of the have-tos in 2022

So, here we are at the end of another year that’s brought with it a mixed bag of feelings, lots of changes, challenges, and time to recognise what we actually want to spend our time doing. 

The end of one year and the beginning of another often stirs up the desire or feeling of obligation to make changes. Instead of sitting back and reflecting on the time that’s passed, celebrating our wins and taking it in, we jump forward and think of everything we could and should do better next year. 

Goal Setting

While goals can keep us focused, motivated and hold us accountable, for many people they add pressure, a sense of overwhelm as more ‘to-dos’ get added to their days and a feeling of endlessly falling short. When we set goals on a whim, they can ask a lot of us and instead of breaking them down into smaller, more realistic goals, we go hard to achieve the end goal and completely miss the process. 

A mindful approach to your day

A way to welcome in more of what you do want to do, and to crowd out what you’d like to do less of, you can simply take a mindful approach to your days. To do this you can ask yourself each morning, ‘what would I like to do more, and less of today?’ and then keep that at the forefront of your mind as much as you can. That way you can do what you can, when you can rather than feel like you must have an ‘all or nothing’ approach in order to move forward, better yourself or keep up with everyone else.

Try not to compare yourself

A trap we can easily fall into is comparing what we’d like more of, what brings us joy and what helps us feel more like ourselves with what others are doing. When we do this, we lose sight of what matters the most to us, step out of alignment with our values and live our days the way we think we should, not the way we want to. If you find yourself doing this, keep checking in and asking yourself ‘is this what I want to be doing?’ and ‘does this make me feel good?’. If your answers to those questions are no, then simply regroup and focus on what you can, and would like to be doing instead. 

We hope the New Year is a brighter one for you, that it’s filled with the people and things you love the most and that you make time for yourself to do what brings out the best in you.